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Quicktakes (EPK)

Packed with fascinating behind-the-scenes content, these Quicktakes showcase exciting VFX, 3D Art, Matte Paintings, market insights and much more. Offering a glimpse into the inner workings of your organization, Quicktakes provide an insider's perspective on the latest developments. Designed to engage audiences across social media channels, these professional messages are both informative and entertaining.


Stay in the loop and get the inside scoop with Quicktakes.

Client: FrameRiver

TRT: 01:11:00

Marketing Director: Jacob Macleod

Directed & Edited by: Joseph Fisher

Producer: Joseph Fisher

Camera: Joseph Fisher

Automotive Campaign

What Will You Choose? Rev up your senses with our latest automotive commercial! In just 15 seconds, we redefine the road with sleek, futuristic visuals and adrenaline-pumping landscapes. Buckle up for a thrill ride through urban life and winding highways, showcasing our edgy design and cutting-edge motion graphics. It's a modern masterpiece that dares to push boundaries and leave a lasting impression.

Check out Sandra's testimonial on LinkedIn.

Client: Destination Auto Group

TRT: 00:15:00

Marketing Director: Sandra Birnie

Editing, GFX & Directed by: Joseph Fisher

Producer: Joseph Fisher


Introducing our latest health and wellness essential in just 40 seconds! Elevate your hygiene routine with a refreshing hand sanitizer featuring an invigorating orange tangerine scent. As the soothing aroma envelops your senses, this fast-acting formula leaves hands clean and revitalized, ready to take on the day with confidence. Experience the perfect fusion of cleanliness and indulgence, because staying safe never smelled so delightful. Trust this hand sanitizer to keep you feeling fresh and protected, wherever life takes you."

Check out our work with On Hand Wellness - a competitor to Purell.

Client: On Hand Wellness

TRT: 00:40:00

Marketing Director: Chantelle Mensing

Directed & Edited by: Joseph Fisher

Marketing Coordinator: Allison Wheeler

VFX: Joseph Fisher

Producer: Joseph Fisher

Social Media Promo

"Welcome to the world of decking and railing like you've never seen before! Our corporate video is a thrilling blend of reality TV excitement and expert craftsmanship. With fast-paced editing, rock music, and charismatic people, we bring the dynamic energy of popular reality shows right to your screen.


Get ready to be entertained, inspired, and amazed as we showcase this team's passion for decking and railing in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!"

TRT: 00:04:41

Marketing Director: Chantelle Mensing

Marketing Coordinator: Allison Wheeler

Directed & Edited by: Joseph Fisher

Client: Canada's Best Decks & Raillings

Camera: Joseph Fisher

Producer: Joseph Fisher

Sound Board


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