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Fashion Shows

Eco-Fashion Week in Vancouver, BC is a groundbreaking event that celebrates sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. Over the course of several days, attendees can expect to see a stunning showcase of eco-friendly designs, featuring garments crafted from organic materials, recycled fabrics, and sustainable practices. From avant-garde couture to everyday wear, the highlight reel promises a visual feast of creativity, style, and environmental consciousness, inspiring viewers to rethink fashion's impact on the planet.

Video Editor: Joseph Fisher

TRT: 00:05:14

Camera: Will Binks

Director: Joseph Fisher

Client: Natalie Langston

Producer: Joseph Fisher

Film Trailers

Lawrence & Holloman" is a dark comedy based on the play by Morris Panych. The story follows the unlikely friendship between Lawrence, an optimistic and successful salesman, and Holloman, a cynical and unlucky accountant. As their lives intertwine, Lawrence's relentless positivity clashes with Holloman's pessimism, leading to a series of absurd and darkly humorous situations. The film explores themes of friendship, ambition, and the unpredictable twists of fate in a quirky and thought-provoking manner.

Video Editor: Joseph Fisher

Client: Matthew Kowalchuck

TRT: 00:02:18

Promo Packs

SR Auto Group is a premier automotive customization and tuning company based in Vancouver, BC. Renowned for their expertise in enhancing luxury and exotic vehicles, SR Auto Group offers a range of services including aftermarket parts installation, performance upgrades, and bespoke styling. This commercial was designed to showcase at an event prior to a new campaign launch. 

Editor: Joseph Fisher

Client: Desy Cheng

TRT: 00:01:13

Camera: Joseph Fisher & Desy Cheng

Director: Joseph Fisher

Landing Page Video

The RBC GranFondo Whistler is a world-renowned cycling event that takes place annually in Whistler, BC. It brings together thousands of cyclists of all levels to participate in a challenging and scenic ride along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, culminating in the picturesque resort town of Whistler.

Additionally, a commercial can convey the excitement and camaraderie of the GranFondo, inspiring viewers to take up cycling and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Overall, a well-crafted commercial is crucial for attracting participants, building anticipation, and fostering community around the RBC GranFondo Whistler.

Editor: Joseph Fisher

Client: Jaguar Land Rover Richmond

TRT: 00:00:20

Marketing Director: Sandra Birnie

Producer: Joseph Fisher



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