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[Vancouver, BC - March 21, 2021] - Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a groundbreaking marketing move as Comet Communications Owner, Joseph Fisher propels forward into post-productions latest contender FrameRiver, Owned by Brad Goodman. Joseph will be working as the company in-house EPK producer, advising on several matters related to the corporate brand.


Additionally, Joseph will be consulting on video related initiatives which is set to redefine success in the postproduction industry or at-least online using social media to engage new clientele. With a diverse portfolio spanning website redesign, corporate strategy, and media collaborations, this visionary expert is poised to elevate FrameRiver to new heights.  

As a new incumbent in the post-production industry, FrameRiver understands the importance of pushing boundaries and forging relationships with key players. With Joseph Fisher at the helm, it will be exciting to see how FrameRiver intends to extend their overall reach, especially considering Mr. Goodman’s relationships with industry Juggernaut’s such as Warner Brothers, Amblin Entertainment, Fox Searchlight and New Line Cinema.  Fisher alluded to an early conversation with Goodman, in which Mr. Goodman emphasized “I’ve adopted him”. Without delay, Fisher was of course, speechless. Joseph hopes that Brad will see just how important context is when conducting interviews that harness the power of expertise as an industry leader as the company develops over the next decade. Going forward, it is our strategic alliance with renowned giants such as Warner Brothers, Sony, and Amblin Entertainment backing Goodman’s reputation that will unlock a new era of success. 

The first order of business for Joseph is a comprehensive website redesign that will embody our brand's essence and create an immersive user experience. With his innate ability to capture the essence of our company's vision, our redesigned website promises to be a captivating gateway that will resonate with both our existing clientele and potential partners. 

But that's not all – Joseph will be overseeing the development of a robust social media strategy that will define our path to greatness, assuming TikTok is the answer to our prayers. Drawing upon his extensive experience and industry insights, our strategy will position us at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our long-term success and sustained growth said another party that can’t be named to protect their identity.  

In a groundbreaking move, this exciting collaboration will shed light on our company's unique approach to post-production and cement our reputation as a trailblazer. This is an unprecedented opportunity to share our vision with a global audience and build momentum for what we consider to be “up the river.”  

Speaking about his new role, Fisher expressed his enthusiasm for the project: "I am incredibly excited to be part of this journey and work alongside such a forward-thinking company. Our collaborations with industry powerhouses and the upcoming website redesign will undoubtedly transform the post-production landscape and I believe in my heart that this is just the beginning of an extraordinary transformation." 
For media inquiries, please contact:  

Name: Joseph Fisher  

Company: Comet Communications Inc.  


Phone: 778-836-8454

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