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Vancouver, British Columbia (May 6th, 2022)  – Brighter Cleaning Services (BCS), a leading name in the commercial cleaning industry, is proud to announce the invaluable role of Joseph Fisher as their Communications Specialist. With a robust team of around 80 dedicated employees and a multitude of contracts managed on a weekly basis, BCS stands as a shining example of excellence in the cleaning services sector.


Joseph Fisher, a seasoned communications professional, has joined the BCS team to amplify the company's outreach and strengthen its brand presence. With a background in strategic communication and media production, Joseph brings a fresh perspective to the company's promotional endeavors.

At the heart of Brighter Cleaning Services' communications strategy lies the intent to not just provide a cleaning service but to create an experience that resonates with clients. Fisher has masterminded a distinctive approach, reminiscent of reality TV shooting styles, to showcase the daily operations and dedication of BCS staff. This approach brings transparency to the forefront, allowing clients and the public to witness the dedication and meticulousness that BCS puts into each contract.

"As a Communications Specialist, my goal is to bridge the gap between the exceptional work done by BCS and the awareness of their potential clients," said Joseph Fisher. "We're not just cleaning spaces; we're fostering healthier environments and enabling businesses to thrive. By adopting a reality TV-like shooting style, we're putting the hard work and commitment of our team on display for everyone to see."

This ground breaking communications strategy also aligns perfectly with BCS's commercial goals.  “Patrice Met”, the visionary owner of Brighter Cleaning Services, believes that this unique approach will set BCS apart from its competitors. "We're not content with merely being another cleaning service provider," stated “Met”. "We're offering an experience that brings our clients into the heart of our operations. Joseph’s expertise has allowed us to communicate our commitment to excellence in an engaging and unparalleled way that looks like reality-tv."

By emphasizing transparency, dedication, and the human element of their work, Brighter Cleaning Services aims to foster stronger relationships with their clients and the wider community. Joseph Fisher's role as Communications Specialist has proven instrumental in driving this vision forward, ensuring that BCS remains at the forefront of the industry.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Name: Joseph Fisher 
Company: Comet Communications Inc. 
Phone: 778-836-8454

About Brighter Cleaning Services

Brighter Cleaning Services (BCS) is a renowned commercial cleaning company with a workforce of approximately 80 employees. Operating across a diverse range of contracts on a weekly basis, BCS is committed to excellence and transparency in their operations. With a unique reality TV-inspired communications strategy, BCS aims to redefine the way clients perceive commercial cleaning services.

About Joseph Fisher

Joseph Fisher is a seasoned Communications Specialist with a strong background in digital media production. With a passion for marketing Fisher has joined Brighter Cleaning Services on a contractual basis to amplify the company's brand presence and create a unique connection between clients and their cleaning experience.

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