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May 16, 2024


The play for Paramount is easy. Redstone must acquire FUBU and bring the sports package to Paramount+. Warren Buffet made a public statement about his passion for sports and it's likely if Redstone brings the heat in that play, then she'll earn Buffet back as a motivated investor, thereby triggering a domino effect with new investments. Once FUBU is bought, she'll have the power to fight off the lawsuit FUBU has against Fox and Disney which then arguably speaking allows Paramount+ to integrate sports into their streaming plan. After this, Redstone must work with the NHL for broadcasting/streaming rights during sporting events in order to advertise for new block-buster movie releases whereas she'll negotiate on exclusivity - new deals with the NHL. To top it off, the revenue brought in from sports will likely re-establish paramount's stock and I'm sure it will skyrocket if complete.

Isn't it clear that Sony and Apollo are just using Paramount to generate hype for their own future deals? I mean, intentionally stepping into the lime light and then backing out of a major offer states a bit more than words can justify, don't you think? Regardless of how it unfolds, I can't see Redstone accepting an offer unless she follows a very strategic play of which, I believe will deliver some stellar returns. 

Thanks for tuning in. 

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